An Athlete’s Diet


My sarcasm is getting in the way of my grammar. Typo alert.

While the above picture basically sums up this post … and probably every other post, let me tell you in a little more detail:

Before Easter weekend, I spent four days in a pool training with the GB water polo squad. As I mentioned in a pervious post, my mother went on holiday the day after I came home from Uni. Getting to the Aquatics Centre for 6:30am every morning is impossible to do via public transport. Since I also can’t drive, and as no one else was in the house, this meant that I had to bunk at my teammate’s place. I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty silly staying at someone else’s house in my home city, but not only did it solve my transport issues (thanks again E!) but it also made the week a lot more entertaining than it would have otherwise been.

While the training was pretty tiring, I have to say, it was one of the best camps I have ever attended. In pervious years we have either trained in the Cardiff International pool, Walsall, or at Marlborough College’s sports facilities. Although they all have certain merits, we never really have the time to ‘bond’ as a team out of the water. The opportunity to get to know people from other clubs tends to only happen when we travel abroad, as we all end up spending a lot more time together. Since all our funding was cut by UK Sport this year, training abroad, despite the fact it would really help our game, isn’t really an affordable option right now. Thankfully, our brilliant team manager recognised that some quality time between team members was much needed and managed to find a way to make it happen. So, even though we were training in Manchester, team bonding happened … and it happened in style.

After the last training session on Tuesday we all gathered outside of the pool. When our deputy team manager arrived, we set off into the centre of town. Turns out that they had found a restaurant next to the AMC which also had a bowling alley. They had an offer which meant, on top of student discount, our trip was half price. YAY.

Turns out I’m not very good at bowling. While I managed to get a few strikes … I also gained one too many gutter balls. Four to be precise. Having said this, according to the scoreboard of famous names, I beat Rhianna and Drake so I guess I’m not that bad. Once our game was over we had dinner in the restaurant, which for the standard of most water polo camps, made the trip extra fancy.

Beef burger with coleslaw and sweet potato fries
Beef burger with coleslaw and sweet potato fries

While my food turned out to be pretty disappointing taste wise, the idea behind the fries was pretty exciting just by itself. Also, one of my teammates ordered fried squid and it came in a miniature Chinese takeaway box (you can see it if you check out my instagram), so the whole aesthetic side of the food worked well, just the fries could have done with a little more flavour.

Maybe Almost Famous (the burger restaurant next door) and All Star Lanes should do a flavour collaboration. To put it bluntly, one has too much going on and the other not enough, they could work together to strike the perfect balance and become a restaurant superpower.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Can’t Hold Us Feat Ray Dalton
–Because every GB water polo fan is feeling pretty sassy right now. Tonight the senior women  made history, defying the opinions of UK Sport, they beat World Champions Spain 9-7 in the Fina World League Prelims.

P.s. If you want to be sassy with the GB women or just believe in keeping dreams alive, then like their Facebook page (SaveWomensWP) and sign this petition ( to try get our funding back.

If you live outside of the the UK then I think you can use the Manchester Aquatic Centre’s address which is 2 Booth St E, Manchester M13 9SS.

Save our sport, get involved, and keep a generation inspired. 


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