Fool me once …

I got played by one of the chefs at work.

After making this cake on Monday night I remembered I wouldn’t have time to eat it all. So with no one else in the flat, and with my train home booked for Friday morning, I decided to take it into work to eat and share around on my break.

It went down well, luckily, and I was pretty buzzed that people appreciated my improv baking skills. But, rather unfortunately, the cheekier of the two chefs working that shift noticed, and decided to ‘cruelly’ take advantage of it.

About an hour after I handed out the pieces, he turned to me and said, “Hey J, do you want to work some kitchen shifts sometime? How about you go downstairs and bake some cakes with A?”
Immediately, I replied, “Yes. Anything to get away from the dishwasher.”
To which, very much pleased with himself, he laughed and said, “Ah well, since I’m leaving in five days, I’m not really in a position to offer you that job.”

My dream job was made and then immediately destroyed in two seconds. I want to bake/make something, I’m shamefully bad at washing plates, someone needs to save me from myself.

Banana cake with freshly applied toffee sauce made from scratch.
Banana cake with freshly applied toffee sauce made from scratch.

Lorde, Team
–Because constantly listening to the radio at work has made me realise how many songs ask you to “throw your arms in the air”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Happy Easter!:)

    1. whysofluffy says:

      Thank you, cutie. You too!

      1. Heidie Makes says:

        Thank You!:)

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