Never Turn Down Free Food.

By now you might be wondering why I never post a recipe with with my meals. Well, firstly, I mainly stumble through, working from instinct / memory. I’ve watched a lot of Sunday Brunch. So shout out to Simon Rimmer who, through television, has taught me to cook. Secondly, if I am following a guide then its not going to be my own, and claiming otherwise would put me on the rude side of being cheeky. Thirdly, if I did compose my own recipe and someone chose to follow it but it didn’t quite work out, then I wouldn’t want to feel responsible for ruining some stranger’s dinner expectations … or even making them ill.

So there you have it, and on that note I’ve got to go, my flatmate just made a batch of midnight pancakes. But before I go, I leave you with my cheesy burger and last night’s cooking mishap.

Cheesy beef burger with iceberg lettuce on seeded bread.
RIP my little pepper cruncher
RIP my little pepper cruncher

Melody of the Recipe
Jack Johnson, Banana Pancakes
–Because this is highly appropriate right now


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