Innuendo Bingo

Supermarket deals dictate my food choices. Maybe they influence everyone as well, but it has come to that sad point where if there isn’t any discount on meat or fish, then I actually weight up the pros and cons of embracing my inner veggie for the week.

Animal protein is justifiably expensive. Consumed morning through to night all over the world, farming and production is stretched to accommodate for the excessive levels of demand. But, having said this, it doesn’t mean that I’m not sad when I have to think of creative ways to make veggies taste good on a budget.

Luckily this week was not one of those weeks and I managed to get some pretty sweet deals. These sausages being one of them (£2.50 thank you very much):

A well deserved (relatively healthy) dinner after a gruelling spinning workout
A well deserved (relatively healthy) dinner after a gruelling spinning class.

Sausages are a hard one (hello innuendo) as they don’t always taste great (hello again). They also freak me out (sorry, is it getting too much?). Does anyone remember that CBBC program – think it was called forever friends or something along those lines – but two group of kids would compete against each other to win prizes and the loser had to do a forfeit? Well one of the forfeits was to make sausages. This childhood memory has stuck with me, and after seeing how they are made … well it has made me a little wary of them.

Fortunately these Toulouse inspired pork and bacon sausages from Sainsbury’s don’t look as bad as the CBBC program’s. With fresh parsley, marjoram, sage, and red wine I bet you can imagine just how good they smelt, and tasted. And the seeded bread, lettuce and baby tomatoes just served to accentuate these strong, mouthwatering flavours to make a scrumptious post workout meal.

Melody of the Recipe
Laura Mvula, Green Garden
–Because a) she’s my favourite singer and b) I feel like hosting a BBQ right now


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