Rebelling Against the Matriarchy

How do you work out whether or not someone is missing you?

Well, if my mother is anything to go by then weekly emails might be an indication. Having said this, the emails I receive off her aren’t your standard note of endearment. Oh no, instead of asking how uni is, my mother links me health article that discuss children’s eating habits, and how they are detrimental for their wellbeing. The latest one was titled “Cereals, snack and lunch packs: how much salt is in your child’s diet”. No comment or dialogue was passed between us – just the link and nothing more.

For one, I am slightly offended. I, perhaps unwillingly, gave up my status as a minor about a year and a half ago. I’ll have you know I am a fully fledged – given a little dysfunctional – adult now. There is no need to press such facts upon me as if I am not aware of them all ready.

Also, does she not know I am one of the healthiest students in my flat? I exercise more than four times a week, I’m not the biggest fan of junk food, I don’t smoke, I barely have time to drink, and my only vice is sugar. A little perspective in this situation would be nice.

I find these emails highly amusing, and the mini rant above is laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm. If this wasn’t apparent already, then if you look below at what I ate for lunch today, you’ll probably clue into the irony behind this post.

Chicken Jalfrazi, Basmati rice … and a garnish of basil leaves because nothing else was at hand.
Chicken Jalfrazi, basmati rice, and a garnish of basil leaves which I nicked from my flat mate (sorry KitKat), because nothing else was at hand.

Melody of the Recipe
Justin Timberlake, I’m Lovin’ it
–Because I also had a McDonald’s last night


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