Lazy Friday Mishaps

It just doesn't taste as good as it looks
Chicken, Broccoli, Lettuce, Garlic, and Soya Sauce

Let me take you through a few of the things that are wrong with this meal:

  1. I cooked everything in the wrong order.
    Being the impatient student I am, I put the broccoli in the frying pan before anything else because that was the first ingredient on hand. I then proceeded to chop up my garlic and forgot about my broccoli. The veg began to smoke, I panicked, and threw the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Not only was everything cooked in a haphazard manner, but I forgot to think about my flavours.
    What you probably can’t see is that under all the chicken and broccoli is a neat bed of salad. While seasoning the stir fry with soya sauce and garlic would normally have been just enough, the salad meant it needed a stronger, fuller flavour.
    Lets just say that the honey and ginger sitting untouched in my cupboard are laughing at me as I chow down on a flavourless bit of chicken.
  3. I took my dinner to my room.
    For one thing, abandoning my flatmates in the kitchen makes me look like an unsociable git. For another, my food is in a bowl, the chicken isn’t bite size … and I forgot my knife.
    –Woe, for I now must succumb to the culinary walk of shame.

Melody of the Recipe 
Chris Mayfield, Moving on up
–Because next time will be better


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